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An introduction – Spotify playlists featuring Roger Evernden

Complete guide to the albums of Roger Evernden and Mi Fa Sol

Tranquillity [2023 – Mi Fa Sol

Solo neo-classical piano

10 tracks, 25 min 8 sec

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Background story

Original cover art

Glebe [1990]

New age album, originally released on cassette in 1990 in Sydney, Australia.

Background story

Amazing Compilation Albums featuring Roger Evernden

Yellow Rose Records compilation album 2022 Essentials – 2023 – includes Eventide

Piano Day 2022 – Yellow Rose Records – 2022 – includes Rebirth

A Time For Peace – Christmas compilation album – Yellow Rose Record – 2021 – includes A Moment Of Wintry Wonder

Hope – Piano Compilation album – Silent Beat Records – 2021 – includes Our Children’s Children, Serendipity No. 7

Background story

Piano Reflections, Vol. 1 – Various Artists – Collaborative Records – 2020 – includes For Planet Earth

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