The Innocence Of Spring

The Innocence of Spring has been described as “beautiful, uplifting, joyful, sad, calm, relaxing, captivating, unique – contemporary solo piano music”.

Steve Ellis

I’ve been working on this album for several years. It was originally inspired by a volume of poetry by Steve Ellis – “The Spring Collection“, and initially there was one track for each poem.

But musical projects always seem to morph into something other than the original plan. I started to see this as the first in a series of four season-inspired albums. I haven’t got around to writing an album for the other seasons!

I came across another poem called “Season of Glass” by Yoko Ono; it starts:

“spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence”

And so the title of this project became “The Innocence Of Spring“, and I started to explore how I felt about Spring, and in particular about the springtime of life.

This follows on from the theme of my last album – The Journey We All Make – which was inspired by thoughts and events in our lives.

There are tracks on the new album that are similarly inspired by the people in my life:

One track was written for my grandson Joshua, and named by him:

Another track emerged from a piano meditation on the day that a very special friend passed away:

Other tracks are inspired by spring itself.

The Nimbus clouds on a spring day:

The Spring Equinox:

And Springs Farewell:

I hope you like it – and if you do, please add a review and listen to my previous albums! Thank you.