Keys for Peace

A Global Charitable Music Collaboration

The Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) are releasing a charity album of original neoclassical music on the International Day of Peace [Thursday 21st September 2023]

16 musicians from around the world support the work of S.O.S. Enfants – a humanitarian organization founded in 1982 – whose aim is to offer the least privileged children the means to build and ensure their own future by giving them access to education and acquire training that will enable them to become responsible for their own development. 

The musicians are part of the Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) – an informal group of spirited musicians and composers, dedicated to a sub-genre of contemporary classical music that variously goes under the label of Neo-classical or Indie-classical. 

Released on World Peace Day, the album named “Keys for Peace” will contain 14 new pieces, and proceeds will be donated to S.O.S. Enfants.

How to help us:

  • PRE-SAVE THE ALBUM – link here
  • Make a note of International Peace Day: 21st September 2023 THIS WEEK!
  • Spread the word – let your family and friends know
  • Help us leverage this release to raise more money for S.O.S. Enfants