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For submissions to my playlists, please read and follow these guidelines (submit details are below)

  • I receive a lot of requests and it takes time to listen and respond – so please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response!
  • This is the best way to submit (I’m less likely to respond on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)
  • Don’t submit a track more than once
  • Listen to my playlists here to check the suitability of your track
  • If I add your track I always aim to write back and let you know
  • Don’t be upset if I don’t add your track; if you don’t hear from me it probably means your track wasn’t accepted (or it might just mean that I haven’t been able to process your request – please don’t be disheartened
  • I tag new additions on SM, so make sure you follow me there so that I can easily tag you! (links below)

I have a couple of requests to help me support you and your music….

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  • Add your favourite tracks from my catalogue to your own playlists (especially public playlists)

Playlist Submit:

By submitting your music you agree to share your name and email details with me. I will use this information to reply, and to send very occasional emails about new music and playlist updates. (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

Send me an email [r b e @ e v e r n d e n . n e t] – please include:

  • Artist name [also include your name if you are submitting on behalf of someone else]
  • Track name
  • Link to the track on Spotify
  • Background information about your track (for example, the inspiration, interesting information about the recording, etc.)