Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC)

The Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) is an informal group of spirited musicians, dedicated to a sub-genre of contemporary classical music that variously goes under the label of neo-classical or indie-classical.

The musicians in this group are united by their passion for an increasingly popular musical style that is minimalistic, independent, and often collaborative. As with this group, composers and performers are well known to one another, and communicate frequently together via social media.

CCC is a truly international phenomena, including artists from all parts of the planet.

Compositions are often piano-based – although not exclusively. The music is often calm, relaxing, and meditative – again, this is not an absolute. Arrangements may include strings, harp, flute, and guitar.

Influences on this genre are far and wide, from the gentle tones and subtle harmonies of Erik Satie, Debussy, Brian Eno, and Nils Frahm.

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Listen to music personally chosen by each member of CCC:

Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC) on YouTube

Watch this YouTube playlist hand-picked by members of the collective, including:

  • Roger Evernden – Rosemary’s Empty Box
  • Karen Biehl – C’est la Vie
  • Raphael Beaudon – Trailer In Tenebris
  • and more

Members of the Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC)

This is a list of the founder members of the Contemporary Classical Collective (CCC).

The collective is a fluid group – we are open to anyone who writes contemporary classical music and shares the same passions for this style of music!

  • Ana Rebekah | Website
  • Andrea Sertori
  • Angelo Nicola Giuliano
  • Becky Ainge | Website
  • Carolyn Barela
  • Christof R Davis | Website
  • Cristian Vivaldi
  • Deborah Offenhauser
  • Diego Spitaleri
  • Erwin Deleux
  • Fawaris
  • G. Will-K.
  • Gregory Paul Mineeff | Website
  • Jacopo Croci
  • Jakub Szybiak
  • Juan Martínez Pérez | aka Elson Complex – Website
  • Julia Thomsen
  • Julie Hanney
  • Karen Biehl | Website
  • Karl Edh | Karl Oskar Edh
  • Kevin Kerrigan | Website
  • Lise Jonsson | Website
  • Lorenzo Tempesti
  • Luca Mazzillo
  • Lynn Tredeau | Website
  • Jacopo Croci
  • Maciej Sadowski
  • Marc-Andre Pepin
  • Marcello Liverani | Website
  • Mark Pinkus
  • Michelle Qureshi
  • Mindy Chuang
  • Nicolas Watremez
  • opeNWave
  • Oscar Pascasio Monzón
  • Patrick Zelinkski
  • Peter Pampiermole
  • Raphael Beaudon | Raf21
  • Roger Evernden
  • Shere Fraser Lowe
  • Shoshana Michel
  • Stephen Weber
  • Tom Merall
  • Travis Lohmann
  • Valeska Rautenberg | Website
  • Will Thomson