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Steve Ellis – Spring Collection

Steve Ellis

I met Steve Ellis when we were both undergraduates at Lancaster University. We used to take long walks along the canal into Lancaster, and on the way would discuss life and try to figure out who we were and what it was all about. (Curiously, Becoming Your Many Selves has become one of my most recent fascinations.)

Steve is now Emeritus Professor of English Literature, in the Department of English Literature at the University of Birmingham.

He has published several books of his poetry, and in 2004 he published a volume called The Spring Collection. [Click here to find out more about Steve’s poetry at Poetry Archive]

This was originally the inspiration for a number of solo piano pieces, with each one based on one of the poems. This project changed over the several years it took me to complete, but here are the titles of the poems, and the particular lines, that originally inspired the music:

Original Poem Inspiring Line Final Title
Sunlight The Gentle Print of Bare Trees Bare Trees
Equinox As Charcoal Winds Compose the Air Spring Equinox
Spring Fayre Moments That May Mean Happiness Moments of Happiness
Crocuses That Which Most Says Spring April Sadness
Easter A Nimbus On My Solitude Solitude
Daffodils at Baddesley Lonely Magic Nimbus
Short Break Breathless With Beauty Breathless
May Feeling Like Spring’s Farewell Springs Farewell
Hay Fever A Journey Into Darkened Rooms WORK IN PROGRESS

Thank you Steve – I hope you enjoy the music!

The Spring Collection was a limited edition print, and is sadly no longer available, but I would thoroughly recommend:

Home and Away by Steve Ellis
Home and Away  by Steve Ellis

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