The Journey We All Make was recently reviewed by Kathy Parsons at Mainly Piano.

And here is the review:

The Journey We All Make
Roger Evernden

2016 / Jubal Promotions

63 minutes

The Journey We All Make is a collection of seventeen original piano solos by British pianist/composer Roger Evernden. His fourth release to date, the album focuses on the common experiences we all have as human beings as well as specific people and events in Evernden’s own life. “The individual tracks reflect key transitions in this journey – the points where you reach a crossroads; the important steps on the journey, or decisions that determine your destiny. Each track was inspired by some thought or event in The Journey We All Make” (quoted from Evernden started playing the piano when he was eight years old and has been playing, composing and publishing music ever since. Some of these pieces were composed a number of years ago and some have lyrics, but this album is all solo piano.

The Journey We All Make begins with “Calm Seas,” a piece that was written on the day that Evernden’s first grandchild was born. Originally titled with her name, his granddaughter renamed the piece which is dedicated to her. As the title suggests, “Calm Seas” is very peaceful and serene. “116” reflects on Evernden’s childhood home and the memories that were made there. “A Heart That Gladly Beats” is a favorite. It seems to be telling a somewhat mysterious story of a childhood adventure. “Serendipity No. 1 – Yesterday” is a reflection on the past with its “mix of regrets and gratitudes.” This is a lovely piece, but I find the sound of the damper pedal here and in the other two “Serendipity” pieces distracting. “A New Light Shines” was written the day that Evernden learned that he was going to become a father. A sense of wonder and optimism runs through this sweet music. “Serendipity No. 2 – Today” is a reflection on the here and now – of being in the moment. “You” is a love song that Evernden co-wrote with his life-partner shortly after they met and expresses an interesting mix of emotions. “Your River Flows (Endlessly Into Our Sea)” is an older piece that has improvisation in some of the verses. Also a favorite, most of the melody is very gentle and soothing with a couple of dramatic passages that give it some vibrant colors. “Serendipity No. 3 – Tomorrow” is the third and final  part of the trilogy. “Getting Off the Bus” is a loving tribute to a very special family member who passed away, and reflects on an uncle’s saying that life is “like a bus journey, with people getting on and off at the stops along the way.” “Reflections” is the longest piece on the album at just over six minutes and is quiet, free, and meditative. Relaxed and calming, I like this piece and the sound of the piano the best on this track. “And In the End” brings the album to close with musical thoughts about the end of our journey through life.

The Journey We All Make is music for quiet times and also works well as a soft background for other activities. It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

Kathy Parsons