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Joanna (1984 Mix)

I wrote the song Joanna in 1984 for my niece. I wanted to write something jolly and uplifting – which is why it has a Latin feel. In my naivety I wanted to write lyrics that provided some guidance for a child growing into an often difficult and perplexing world. I wanted the song to be optimistic and encouraging – to live this wonderful life that we are blessed with to the full.

When I talked to Jo recently she said that she wished the original version was on Spotify so that she could hear it…. Well, here is the original recording – never publicly released before. It’s a bit rough and ready, but I think it captures the spirit that I was after.

The previous release of this track was a solo piano version, on the album The Journey We All Make. Here are both versions:

Joanna – the solo piano version from 2016

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