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Challenges for 2018!

2018 looks like being an exciting year, with three new piano albums in production! They are all projects I’ve been working on for some time, and rather unexpectedly it looks like they will all be ready soon.

The first is going to be called The Innocence of Spring – it’s a set of piano pieces that were inspired by the poems of Steve Ellis – in his Spring Collection.

Watch out for more details later in the year.

Why is the new album called “Improvation”?

I’ve been asked why the new album is called Improvation.

The quick answer is that I was typing improvisation and misspelt it.

But then I thought that “improvation” covered the way that I composed and played the tracks on the album. Some of the tracks are compositions, while some evolved out of improvisations. And in both cases, the recording is a one-off performance, because there are elements of improvisation in all of the performances. On the other hand, it’s not full-blown improvisation in the sense that a jazz musician would have an extended improvised section in a piece.

So! Improvation it is.