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Why is the new album called “Improvation”?

I’ve been asked why the new album is called Improvation.

The quick answer is that I was typing improvisation and misspelt it.

But then I thought that “improvation” covered the way that I composed and played the tracks on the album. Some of the tracks are compositions, while some evolved out of improvisations. And in both cases, the recording is a one-off performance, because there are elements of improvisation in all of the performances. On the other hand, it’s not full-blown improvisation in the sense that a jazz musician would have an extended improvised section in a piece.

So! Improvation it is.


I’m really excited by my latest album of solo piano compositions which is now out!
Preview tracks here.

Improvation – solo piano – Roger Evenden
Genre: Classical: New Age
Release Date: 2014

You can find Improvation in most digital music stores, including iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon:

“With hints of classical and jazz influences, each piece combines distinctive melodies with strong structures to create an uplifting and deeply moving experience. These powerful melodies are typical of the evocative themes in Roger Evernden’s solo piano work. The beautiful & peaceful compositions are both inspiring & relaxing.”

Ambient and gentle piano that is excellent for focus and study; peace, space, simplicity, and grace; relaxing and meditation.

These solo piano compositions have been compared to the colourful & rich compositions of Ludovico Einaudi on his best selling albums, such as “I Giorni” (The Days), to the more gentle jazz improvisations of Keith Jarrett, and to the beautiful & evocative New Age compositions of Chris Spheeris.

If you like piano works by Brian Crain, David Lanz, The Piano Guys, Michael Nyman, Philip Wesley, Kevin Kern, Chilly Gonzales, or John Medeski, then you will enjoy Improvation.

The album cover art is from an original illustration by Elaine Evernden-Pay. Graphic design by Dan Day (